Transgender Zone Marketplace

Welcome to the Transgender Zone Marketplace

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Welcome to the Marketplace, everything in this part of Transgender Zone may involve exchanging money for goods and services. Be that an a private consultation with a medical practitioner, psychologist or counsellor, or paying for admittance to a trans-friendly pub or club, visiting a support group in a pub or bar, or just plain shopping for transgender lifestyle products.

Unlike the rest of Transgender Zone eventually this will involve you paying for something – and so ‘Marketplace’ was born.

We have brought all this under one roof, so you can drift about easily with simple drop down menus above.

This section of Transgender Zone contains the following sections – click on the image to visit the guide in question:


Transgender Zone Shopping Guide

This area lists some useful links to transgender lifestyle products, larger sized clothes and shoes, wigs and hairpieces, and other products that we have found to be essential when starting out or passing. Mail order is always better as you can shop, try things on at home in privacy.


Transgender Zone Practitioner Guide

This lists practioners throughout the United Kingdom who deal with or are sensitive to transgender needs, many have been recommended, others have been followed up on. As always you must check the credentials of any practitioner before being treated. If you want to be listed, click here, however we do ask for BACP or your NHS email or a reference from a GP before youcan be considered. This listing is free.


Transgender Zone Venue Guide (United Kingdom)

A free to use and you can also add your group, pub, club or venue, as long as it is ‘trans-friendly’ details on being listed are here. We do reserve the right to remove listing without notice. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes.