Hormones and HRT for Transgender People

Hormones and HRT for Transgender People


Hormones are something that many menopausal women and transpeople need to take. But some do not need full strength HRT.

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However, you may want to take herbal supplements to help boost your confidence, or if you are post-operative, you may find prescription strength simply too strong. Of course always discuss these issues with your Physician who is best placed to advise you. We are more than aware that many people are simply to embarrassed or they do not want anybody to know, for this reason we recommend the pueraria-mirifica. There is a lot of ‘snake oil’ out there, fantastical claims. Well in this case this over the counter product is backed by clinical trials and published academic research (pubmed), don’t worry we checked it out before we listed it here! So if you have menopausal symptoms, or want to boost your confidence, this maybe the product for you.



Monitoring your blood-pressure

Visit this site and search for Blood Pressure Monitors. They start from around £20 but for certified medical grade versions from £70 to over 100 pounds. Spend as much as you can afford for accuracy!