Transgender Zone Practitioner Guide – London – United Kingdom

Transgender Zone Practitioner Guide – London – United Kingdom



Do you need a surgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor or mental health practitioner who specialises in transgender care needs? The Following Practitioner Guide is a useful tool to help you find a practitioner. Where possible we have followed up on recommendations, however, as always we rely on your recommendations do let us know.

This is a free listings so no-one here has been listed by payment – unless it clearly says advertisement! Individuals are advised to make their own enquiries regarding qualifications and fees.

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Main London Gender Identity Clinic

Many Practitioners on this page practice at Charing Cross Hospital’s Gender Identity Clinic.
The Main UK NHS Gender Clinic is based at:

WLMHT (West London Mental Health).
Gender Identity Clinic
179-183 Fulham Palace Road
London W6 8QZ
Tel 020 7386 1262
Tel 020 8483 2800
Tel 020 8483 2801
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Ms Paulette Mullings – Clinic Coordinator
Ms Linda Stradins – Service Manager


Dr James Barrett

Consultant Psychiatrist and Lead Clinician

Dr Sheraz Ahmad – Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Andrew Davies – Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Penny Lenihan – Consultant Psychologist

Dr Stuart Lorimer – Consultant Psychiatrist
Ms Christina Richards – Senior Specialist Psychology Associate

Gender Nursing

ifmididbyTransgenderzonesm Ms Iffy Middleton – Gender Nurse Specialist

Ms Takhar, Manjit – Gender Nurse Specialist


Dr Leighton Seal
Consultant Endocrinologist Endocrinology FAQ

Speech and Language

Ms Christella Antoni – Consultant Speech and Language
Mr Matthew Mills – Speech and Language

If the person you are referring is Under 18 then refer to NHS:

Director Dr Polly Carmichael
Gender Identity Development Unit
Tavistock Clinic
120 Belsize Lane
Tel: 020 8938 2030 fax 020 7431 8320

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Dr P. Bouloux 020 7830 2414 NHS

Dr M. Press
NHS: Dr M Press, The Royal Free Hospital, Pond St, Hampstead, London, NW3 2QG
Tel: 020 7794 0500 NHS 020 7460 5913 Private

Dr Moult, Whittington Hospital, Highgate Hill, London N19 9HF
Tel: 020 7288 5219

Dr E. Snitcher 020 7624 4787 Private


Interchange: BM Box 8421, London WC1N 3XX
Private: Sharon Fillingham, tel: 0956 18957, Paul Edwards, Tel: 01223 773789.

Phoenix Therapeutic Consultancy 07796 638230

Dominic Davies, Pink Therapy ,
1-7 Harley St, London W1G 9QD,
Tel: 020 7291 4480, Mobile: 07971 205323,

James Mann,
Private: Flat 2, 24-28 Nelsons Row, London SW4 7JT

NIkolaos Souvlakis
Psycho Therapy Centre Ltd
Trans* Support Group:
The group (transgender male to female and transgender female to male) are for individuals who identify at various points along the gender spectrum (e.g. transgender, gender-queer, gender nonconforming). We offer a safe, confidential and therapeutic space where members can process their thoughts and feelings about relevant issues associated with gender. Some examples of discussion topics can include exploration of “coming out” challenges, exploring inquiries related to the process of transitioning, examining experiences of transphobia, identifying strategies for maintaining safety, and developing an identity-affirming support system.
Company Registration Number: 33633050
BACP Organisational Member No. 222036
Venue: Central London
Service: Psychotherapy & Counselling
Fees: Sliding scale
Closest Tube: Farrington, Barbican, King’s Cross
Psycho Therapia Centre Ltd
9 Coldbath Square
Tel: 02070162792 Fax: 02071826724


Dr Martin Baggaley, Consultant Psychiatrist
York Clinic, Thomas Guy House
Guy’s Hospital, 47 Weston Street
London, SE1 3RR

Dr A J Davies, Consultant Psychiatrist, Gender Identity Clinic,
179 183 Fulham Palace Road, London, 6 8QZ

Dr Nicholas Dunn
Consultant Psychiatrist
York Clinic, Thomas Guy House
Guy s Hospital, 47 Weston Street
London, SE1 3RR

Dr Don Montgomery (Charing Cross) 020 8846 1516 NHS

Prof. Richard Green (semi-retired)

Dr Richard Green, Consultant Psychiatrist, Imperial St Dunstan s Road, London, W6 RF

Dr Keri Jamieson, (Psychiatrist),
NHS: York Clinic, Guys Hospital,
47 Weston Street, London, SE1 3RR
tel: 020 7188 6997 or Mill View Hospital, Nevill Avenue, Hove, East Sussex BN3 7HZ tel: 01273 696011

Dr Olurotimi Ademuyiwa Ojo, (Psychiatrist),
York Clinic, Guys Hospital,
47 Weston Street, London, SE1 3RR
tel: 020 7188 6997 and Mill View Hospital, Nevill Avenue, Hove, East Sussex BN3 7HZ tel: 01273 696011

Dr Stuart Lorimer, (Consultant Psychiatrist).
NHS: Charing Cross (see above)
GenderCare (private)
07899 929859

Dr Leighton Seal (Consultant Endocrinologist)
Gender Identity Clinic
179 183 Fulham Palace Road
W6 8QZ


Bernadette Wren, (Children & Young People)
The Tavistock Clinic, London
Tel: 0207 794 8262.

 Kenneth Demsky, PhD
Psychologist and gender specialist member of the HBIGDA
Please visit for full details and CV

NHS: Dr Penny Lenihan, (Consultant Psychologist),
Claybrook Centre (see above)


ENT/Voice Feminisation

gursandbyTransgenderZone Guri Sandhu, ENT Consultant
Cricothyroid Approximation (Tracheal Shave, Pitch-Raising).
NHS (Free) – Charing Cross Hospital requires local funding from your health authority and a referral from the Speech and Language team at London Gender Clinic.
Private –

Genital/Gender Reassignment Surgery MTF

Mr James Dalrymple 020 7224 3646 Private

Mr James Bellringer FRCS
Consultant Urological Surgeon
Charing Cross Hospital
Fulham Palace Road
London, W6 8RF
(Charing Cross Hospital)
020 8846 1516 NHS
020 8241 1637 Private
See our library index for full information about this surgeon, his surgical techniques and aftercare.

Specialises in Reconstructive Urological Surgery and Gender Reassignment Surgery.

Ms Tina Rashid
Consultant Surgeon (Locum) in Functional Urology and Gender Services
at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. More.

Mr Phillip (Phil) Thomas FRCS (Urol)
Mr Thomas is first and foremost a Consultant Urological Surgeon in the NHS, practicing
at Brighton and Sussex Universities Hospitals Trust, where he is Clinical Director of the
Cancer Directorate and specialises in the provision and training of  Reconstructive
Urological Surgery.
Mr Thomas also has a busy private practice, where patients considering
Gender Reassignment Surgery can seek his expert opinion and if and when
the time is right, gender reassignment surgery.

Mr. Christopher Inglefield BSc, MBBS, FRCS(Plast)
Specialist Transgender Surgeon and Facial Feminization Surgery
0207 487 0910


Gennaro Selvaggi, MD, PhD
Wimpole Therapeutics,
2 Wimpole Street,
Address: Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Department of Plastic Surgery
Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Gröna Stråket 8
SE-41345 Gothenburg, Sweden
Member of the following Professional Bodies: GMC
Recommendation: Dr James Bellringer
Dr Selvaggi is also an Honorary Fellow at Charing Cross Hospital, London where he performs sex reassignment surgery with Mr Bellringer and Mr Thomas on a monthly basis. Dr Selvaggi performs the following procedures privately in Sweden (however consultations can be held in the UK):
Breast Surgery
Facial Feminization (including adam’s apple reduction)
All forms of general cosmetic surgery
Non-Surgical Procedures such as Botox and Fillers


Dr. Luis Capitán is a codirector and founder of Facial Team, who offers consultation periodically in London and Manchester. He is a member of the General Medical Council. Please see copies of his degree, GMC registration, professional association membership and practitioners insurance in the document attached.
FACIAL TEAM is a private provider of FFS, so we do not operate on a referral system with the NHS.
You may see our “recommendations” on our website:
Also, a reference may be obtained by our patient, Kate:


FTM Surgeons

(Female to Male)
Also see: “THE FTM ZONE” Listings on this site.

FTM Mastectomy

Mr G. Alvarez 020 7387 9300 NHS and Private
Ms Lina Anderson 020 7377 7000 NHS
Mr D. McGrouther 020 7387 9300 NHS

Mr Dai Davies
Cosmetic Surgery Partners
The London Welbeck Hospital
27 Welbeck Street
0207 486 6778

FTM Phalloplasty

David Ralph 020 7436 6464 NHS

Mr Tony Cheeseman 020 7915 1434 Private
Mr N A Nasser 020 7224 1033 Private

Laser Electrolysis – Plastic Surgery

David Gault (Laser and Ear Specialist).
Mr David Gault
NHS: Mt. Vernon Hospital
Website: See our Laser Electrolyis page.

Cosmetic Foot Surgery including toe shortening surgery

 Mr Jason E Hargrave
BSc (Hons)., FPodA., FCPodS
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
The Harley Street Foot & Ankle Centre:
(& correspondence Address)
9 Harley Street
The Weymouth Hospital
Private Hospital
42-46 Weymouth Street

Gender Specialist

Dr. Dr Michael Perring MB BChir FCP(SA) DPM UKCP registered Psychotherapist
Optimal Health of Harley Street
19 Milford House, 7 Queen Anne Street


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